Angelina Jolie (1999)

zoeysbensons said: oh shit, 14 hour shifts?! it’s like the whole day, i feel so sorry for you… i did 13 hour shifts for 3 days and it was awful, i can’t imagine 14 and for longer… :( i really wish i could hug you now

I only have about a week left and that’s the only thing that keeps me going :)

zoeysbensons said: what kind of job do you have? i worked at a call center for 2 weeks as a summer job and i couldn’t stand it i was crying all the time about it and literally broke down emotionally…

I work at a grocery store 14 hour shifts and it’s just so exhausting physically and mentally i hate it more than anything in the world i honestly feel like im gonna need psychiatric help when i’m done with it

Évelyne Brochu

Is it normal to cry everyday for 30minutes before work